The best way to select a flooring is to see the real thing and feel it and there isn't a website around that can help you decide which one of the thousands of available products is best for you.  


However here is a taster of what we have to offer along with some information and advice.  

Loop Pile Synthetic (Cord)

Starting with the basics (Illustrated in a plain and a stripe)

Cord carpets are generally the cheapest products available in the carpet industry, ideally suited for areas that take a hammering.  Often used for communal areas, hall, stairs and landings and ideal for lets and rentals.  

A good quality can be very hard wearing and is commonly made from polypropylene which makes them very easy to look after and some can even be cleaned with bleach. Unfortunately this does mean some sacrifice when it comes to comfort, generally a harder, rougher feel.  

Cut Pile Synthetic (Twist)

Probably the most popular choice today...


Synthetic twist combines the "cleanability" of polypropylene with the comfort of a cut pile carpet.  


This has made it the first choice for family homes, ranging from short harder piles to long Saxony pile carpets you can really get your toes in to.  


A 2 ply yarn will help with the durability for a longer lasting carpet.  

Cut Pile Wool (Twist)

The old master...


These products will generally be a mixture of wool and synthetic 80% natural 20% synthetic being the most popular choice (50% mixes are becomeing increasingly popular today).


Even with modern technology the difference between a wool carpet and a synthetic is still noticeable, the natural element of wool ultimately showing through.  


Considered by many today to be more of a luxury item against its polypropylene counterpart.  


A wool carpet cannot be cleaned with bleach and is more expensive than synthetic, so is it superior or has it had its day?


Good quality (British) wool carpets will still out last a synthetic and will generally look newer for much longer.  Also the natural oils in wool give it a natural cleanliness not to mention the environmental and sustainability factors which are becoming more and more important every day.  


Another benefit of wool is that it takes colour far better than synthetic therefore a far wider range of colours is available in wool.  The colours will also be far more subtle and natural looking.  


We can even supply you with carpet that is matched to the colour of your choice.

Loop Pile Natural (Wool)

Buying a loop pile can be very tricky, a lot of versions exist of very low quality and are very cheap.  Steer clear of these "cheap" options, spending hard earned cash on them is a false economy.  


If you've made the decision to buy wool, buy quality... 


Loop pile wool gives a very natural finish perfect for rustic homes from country manors to cottages.  


They also work very well with stripes, just remember... buy British.  

Woven (Patterned)

Old fasioned...??


There is nothing wrong with plain polypropylene, it does the job, but what do you do when you want a floor that both stands out and is also outstanding?


Axminsters and Wiltons are both types of carpets woven on specific machines, they take much longer to make and are usually wool or wool blended.  (Please don't buy woven synthetic... just don't)


Using weaving technology we can produce far more complicated patterns in carpet than with the modern sowing machine method.  


The two main manufacturers of these products are Axminster and Brintons, both are very old and traditional companies still making carpets like they were supposed to be made.  


If you want your home to make a real statement these are the products to look at.